Treasuring precious things: A Teapot parable

This teapot is ‘Picquot ware’ – and costs about £100 new, Jonathan told us this morning. Susie is a fan of Picquot ware, and of the superior type of tea which it provides. Jonathan had tracked down someone who was selling this tea pot in Dalgety Bay, and arranged to buy it for Susie who was absolutely delighted on Christmas morning. We saw the picture to prove it! When I saw it the teapot this morning my immediate reaction was ‘My mother

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Get involved

‘Get involved’ was Jonathan’s challenge to us this morning, reflecting on the implications of Christmas as we head out into 2015. He highlighted some of the dark realities of human experience today: war, refugee crisis, hunger and poverty, family breakdown, mental health issues, illness and disease, and greed and selfishness. We are called, he reminded us, not just to believe in Jesus, but to follow Jesus – going as he went into the reality

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Living as God’s friends – or enemies?

A thought for New Year One final thought about the Bible passage we looked at on Sunday. (Matthew 2:1-18) It relates to King Herod. Here was a man who, we assume, believed in God. He certainly believed the old prophecies of a coming Messiah, and the prediction that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem. Clearly, he saw this coming ruler as a threat to his, and his successors’ place on the throne of Judea as puppets of the Roman Empire. To me it

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Football at the Light House

Coming soon to the Light House, Hilton, Inverness - UEFA Champions League football matches to enjoy in a safe friendly environment. We will be screening a live match each month in the Light House - more information will follow soon. The first date to put in your diaries will be Tuesday 24th Feb when Manchester City will take on Barcelona

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Vine Trust charity shop

Here's an opportunity to support the work of The Vine Trust which is close to our hearts as a church. If you're planning a clear out to make way for all your 'sale' purchases please consider donating to the Vine Trust charity shop ... If any fine folks are clearing out clothes, toys, bric-a-brac, unwanted Christmas prezies we'd be delighted to take them off your hands to sell in the charity shop, Academy St, Inverness in aid of Vine Trust. Sorry

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Scripture Union holidays 2015

SU Holidays Bookings are now open for 2015! SU Holidays are fun and exciting breaks for young people in P5-S6. There's an SU Holiday to suit everyone, with loads of exciting activities and chances to relax with friends. SU Holidays are great places to make new friends, explore the Bible, eat well and rest well, whether in a tent or in a country house. To find out more about what's on offer and to make a booking click here. Alternatively speak to

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God with us – always!

Duncan's epilogue from Sunday's service: The wise men searched for Jesus, they found him and were overjoyed. Their encounter with Jesus completely changed their plans and their direction of travel. But the Christmas story doesn’t give us an ‘and they all lived happily ever after’ ending, because the Christmas story isn’t a fairy tale. In the second part of today’s reading (Matthew 2: 13-18) we are reminded that Jesus had to flee for his

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Chalking the door
Door chalking

20+C+M+B+15 On Sunday, Duncan introduced us to the ‘Chalking the Door’ ritual.  The idea is to write in chalk above the door of a house or church the number of the coming year, enclosing the letters C, M and B, which stand for the Latin Christus Mansiones Benedicat – ‘May Christ Bless this House’. There is nothing magical in this – rather it’s a reminder to ask God to bless everyone who comes through the door into and out of the church

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How do you know when you’ve found what you’re searching for?

(A personal reflection by John Dempster) On Sunday, Duncan encouraged us to see the journey of the wise men to Bethlehem as a symbol of our human search for answers, and for meaning. As Christians we believe that all our searching leads to Jesus, and that all our questions will ultimately be seen to have their answer in him. I’ve simply been reflecting on the theme of searching, and finding – one of the nice things about being on leave at this

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What are we searching for?

What are we searching for? On the theme of searching, here's the Google video Duncan showed us yesterday. It lists some of the key searches on Google in the past year, and prompts lots of questions. What have I been searching for this year? Have I found it? How would my life change if I began to ask different questions, or to seek more satisfactory answers? Am I letting others dictate what to search for, or am I following my heart? Have I asked question

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