Hope was born in a garden

Some lovely pictures from Rory Macpherson taken on Sunday - the daffodil cross in the church, and two scenes in the church garden after the service, in perfect Easter Sunday sunshine.    

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Living the resurrection

I  was just thinking during the service this morning of what the practical implications are for me, and for each of us, in the coming week, of the fact that Jesus rose from death, that Jesus is alive. Here are some of the ones I thought of: We do not need to fear death because Jesus has conquered death Jesus, through his Spirit will accompany us through this week whatever it brings us of joy or of darkness In times of difficulty, we need not despair

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Gold at the end of the rainbow

A report and reflection on this morning's Easter Sunday service by John Dempster We’d a lovely Easter Sunday all-age service this morning at Hilton. The first thing we saw when we went in the door was the big wooden cross in front of the congregation covered with candles and daffodils, no longer threatening. Duncan spoke about the role of colour in communicating a message, and the fact that we attach different colours to varying moods and experiences.

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Let hm easter in us

For me, five words from the end of Gerard Manley Hopkins’ poem The wreck of the Deutschland  form one of the most powerful phrases in the English language: ‘Let him easter in us.’ Hopkins’ poem begins with a description of a ‘dark night’ experience. ‘Thou has bound bones and veins in me, fastened me flesh and after it almost unmade’, but then he adds, in words which sometimes reduce me to tears ‘Over again I feel thy finger and

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The darkness before the dawn

‘This is the time of day that is worse than night.’  A poignant line from John Betjeman’s poem Five o’clock shadow. The poet is in bed in a hospital ward, alone with his fears. Life goes on around him – the nurses share tea in their office; the doctors play golf on the links; but for Betjeman, there is only darkness. For Jesus’s followers the Sabbath following his crucifixion would have been a day worse than night. After the crisis and

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‘I love these people’

A personal reflection from John Dempster on last night's communion and footwashing service at the Lighthouse: Anyone seeing what was on the tables at the Lighthouse last night may have been a little intrigued at what we were doing. We were sitting with plates in front of us on which Jonathan and Eilidh had placed unleavened bread, and parsley, small cubes of lamb, sweet and bitter spices, hard boiled egg, and a little container of salty water. There

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Stephen Hutchison speaks out against Assisted Suicide

See page 8 of today's Inverness Courier for an interview with Hilton Church elder Dr Stephen Hutchison who is a palliative care consultant at Highland Hospice and Raigmore Hospital. With grace and a measured passion, Stephen puts the case against assisted suicide.  An alternative view, put by MSP Patrick Harvie of the Scottish Green Party who is bringing the Assisted Suicide Bill before the Scottish Parliament is also included. The article is not

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Palm Sunday Service

Here are some photos from Morag of yesterday's Palm Sunday Service which was led by Jonathan, and involved the children making crosses from palm. John comments: "I wish I'd been there - I was on the plane coming home from holiday - but I guess the theme was Jesus' solemn Holy Week journey as the wood from a living tree became a cross for execution, and a welcomed king became the crucified king."  

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Holy Week at Hilton Church

Holy Week at Hilton Church Monday 14th April – open house at the Fraser’s (9 Broom Drive, IV2 4EG) Tuesday 15th April – open house at the Walker’s (66 Glenburn Drive, IV2 4NE) (The door will be open from 6.30pm onwards for the events on the 14th and 15th. Bring yourself, some food and a musical instrument (if you play one) and we'll eat together and share worship and fellowship. See Jonathan's blog post about the thinking behind these open-house

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When Christ moves in: a Holy Week Experiment in Radical Hospitality
Radical Hsospitality

Here Jonathan explains the thinking behind a Holy Week experiment, issues an invitation to us to join in and shares a powerful vision of making a home for Christ in Hilton: I’ve long been fascinated by the practices of the earliest Christians, the way that worked itself out in the radical monastic movements of the early middle ages (5th-10th century) through to the Catholic Worker ‘houses of hospitality’ in North America in the 50s and 60s.

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