‘You are my light, Lord’
Flower 2

A personal meditation on this morning’s service by John Dempster I remember a few years ago going with some friends for a picnic in the hills just behind Garve. In a burn we walked beside, I saw a single flower which had somehow managed to take root among some rocks in the middle of the stream. It stretched its precarious loveliness towards the sun. But seeing it prompted sadness rather than delight, for I knew that autumn would come and the burn

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World War 1 Centenary
1 First World War centenary logo

World War 1 Centenary:  At 2pm on  Monday 4th August there will be a service in the Old High Church conducted by Rev P Nimmo. During the service a memorial candle will be lit in memory of all those who lost their lives in the war.  Following the service the candle will be taken in a procession to St Andrews Cathedral where a further memorial service will be take place at 3.15pm.

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Highland Theological College Lecture

HTC 20th Anniversary Lecture:  You are warmly invited to this event on Thursday 28th August at 7.30pm in the Conference Room at Moray College UHI, Elgin. Subject -   F.F. Bruce:  A lay Christian in a secular university Lecturer -   Dr Tim Grass, author of F. F. Bruce’s biography All welcome.  Free entry, no ticket required. Refreshments will be served after the lecture.

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Highland Foodbank

A letter has been received from Lorna Dempster, the Foodbank Project Co-Ordinator: Firstly thanking all those at HiltonChurch who have generously given food in support of the Foodbank where over 4500 people have been supported during the 12 month period 2013/14. Secondly, Lorna is announcing the opening of a second Foodbank Centre in Inverness. For over nine years the base has been in Merkinch, but shortly a second base will be established at HiltonVillage,

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This week at Hilton
Creche balls

Wednesday 30th July:  Summer Play session in the large hall for Hilton Church families to get together for play and to enjoy some company. 10.00am – 12 noon Tea and coffee provided. The cafe at the Light House is open 9.30am - 3.30pm Monday - Friday. See here for more information, and a link to the full menu.

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At the House of Grace: Romanian mission

Romanian Trip:  On 26th July a group of 9 teenagers from the church, accompanied by Jonathan Fraser, Donalda Morrison, Mike Robertson and Morven Ball, will travel to Romania.   They'll be working with Carpathian Aid helping to run a summer  camp for poor and underprivileged children and disabled people at  Casa Harului (meaning ‘House of Grace’), a Christian Holiday Centre in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Some will return home

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Grace abounding

A report and personal reflectionby John Dempster on this morning's service. This morning, Jonathan preached on Romans 7:15-25 – where St Paul writes about the inner battle to do what we know is right. This is one of the most hotly debated passages in the whole Bible – I remember hearing about a Bible expert who, every time he came across a new book about Paul’s letter to the Romans turned first to see what the author had to say about chapter

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And so here we are again, At the door. And you wait, gracious as you always are, to be invited in. It’s your place really, And these your people too, These people that you’ve given me, Whose hearts I cannot see, Whose thoughts I cannot read, Whose pain I can only surmise Whose lives from sunset to sunrise Are hidden from my eyes. No point really to go in without you. How easily I forget. Father, ripen in me your gifts of grace To do all I do

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Welcoming the stranger

A personal reflection on this morning's service by John Dempster. There was a kind of valedictory feel to the service this morning – the last Sunday before the school holidays, and the summer break, when there are fewer church activities and many of us, as Duncan reminded us, will be away on holiday. I was glad that Duncan mentioned those of us whose summer will be spent in Inverness. Glad because I remember when I was much younger, living on my

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Jean’s final total – £801 – and a World Record

This morning Jean Green told us about her adventure in Hamilton on 7th June when she very bravely was one of 1000 people to go across a zip wire, thereby achieving a world record! Jean, and all the other participants were sponsored to raise moeny for the work of Mission Aviation Fellowship in the 10 Commonwealth countries where it has a presence. Jean told us that her trip on the zip slide - undertaken in the pouring rain - was 'scary from start

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