The King is among us

Couldn't wait until next Christmas to show you this lovely picture of the Advent candles in church last month. All five candles are lit. The waiting is over. The King has come. An image to sustain us during all our times of uncertainty and waiting.              

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Ceilidh for a Cause

This summer, a group of young people from Hilton Church are off to Romania once again. They'll be working with Carpathian Aid helping run a camp for poor and underprivileged children and disabled people at  Casa Harului (meaning ‘House of Grace’), a Christian Holiday Centre in the foothills of the Carpathian Mountains. Last month, a 'Ceilidh for Cause' was held at the church to raise funds for the trip. It looks from the pictures below (thanks

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Living Church: Sharing God’s life together

Here's a reflection by Barry Dennis: The more organisation we bring to church life the less life it will contain. Walking alongside each other, encouraging one another, learning to love one another, experimenting with community together - that's the way of life. Do we know each others hopes and current struggles? That will only come out in the naturalness of relationships not at meetings. No church model will produce God’s life in us, it is the

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Book Group

Book Group:  The book group will meet again on Thursday 23rd January at 7.30pm at the Light House.  We are discussing The Little Coffee shop of Kabul by Deborah Rodriguez.  For more information speak to Shona.

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Over-60s Afternoon Tea

The next Afternoon Tea will take place in the Church from 2pm on Wednesday 22nd January. Please come and join us for coffee/tea, cakes and chat.

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Time Out

An opportunity for people of all ages to meet and relax together over crafts, coffee and cake. Next meeting 22nd January 2014. Start time 10:00. Creche provided.  Everyone welcome!

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Two hundred Christmas angels

The all-age morning service on Sunday at Hilton, led by Youth Pastor Jonathan Fraser began with a game of hide-and-seek. Jonathan sent two children to hide somewhere in the sanctuary, and after the congregation counted down from 10 to zero and shouted ‘Here we are, ready or not!’ two more kids dived off to find them. Jonathan’s point was to emphasise, on the basis of watching his own children’s reaction, that the joy of hide-and-seek lies

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Toddler Group

Toddler Group: Hilton Church toddler group will be restarting on Monday 6th January,  9.45 to 11.15am.  This group is open to all parents/carers and toddlers. We would be delighted if you would like to be part of the team on a rota basis. Please speak to Susie Fraser or Gillian Gunn. Thank you.

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Prayer and Reflection

Duncan mentioned the other Sunday the great benefit which is to be found in regularly reading and reflecting on the Bible. A new year in the calendar of the church begins with the start of Advent in early December. Duncan mentioned that he particularly appreciates a book, issued annually, called Reflections for Daily Prayer.  This draws on the the Monday-Saturday Lectionary readings, and includes a reflection from an able spiritual writer in the

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Community Nativity

There will be a Community Nativity celebration organised by the Church in Hilton Primary School on Sunday 22nd December at 3.30pm.  Everyone welcome! Come and join the Celebration!

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Sunday Services

10:30am every Sunday.

Communion Dates: 11th March, Good Friday

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