Love bade me welcome

Last night, I was at church for the ‘Welcome meal’ which Duncan, Jonathan and the elders had arranged for folk who have recently (in the last couple of years or so) started coming to church. There must have been about fifty folk there, including lots of children. It was, I thought, a lovely welcoming gesture.Some reflections:Eating together is important as Christians.  We can forget that the first Christians took what we call ‘communion’

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Finding our true identity

 I thought Duncan’s sermon this morning was extremely helpful. For those of you who weren’t there, he was preaching on Maathew 4:1-11 (the Gospel passage for the first Sunday in Lent) about the temptation of Jesus in the wilderness. He examined it in the light of the immediately preceding verse (Matthew 3:17) where Jesus is assured by a voice from heaven that ‘This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy.’This, Duncan reminded us,

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Duncan’s take on the first 4 of 40 Acts for Lent

I have to confess that I was slightly sceptical about 40 acts for Lent when I watched the introductory video last Sunday morning. Baking cupcakes isn't really my sort of thing, and I found it challenging to imagine myself out on the street distributing them. Having begun the 40 acts with that kind of uncertainty, I'm glad to report that the first few days have been exceptionally encouraging and stimulating. The focus today  on our neighbours and

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Make funds fun

Stated Annual Meeting:   Once a year we require to present the annual accounts and elect new members to our Congregational Board.  This is a very important meeting since it involves accounting for our stewardship of all the offerings which are given to the Church. Historically, only a handful of people turn up to this meeting, so we thought that we might try to emphasise the opportunity for having a good social night. The formalities will probably

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A vision for young people

Youth Project Towards the end of March the Youth Project will be holding two vision evenings, designed to enable all stakeholders in the children’s and youth work to help shape the future of our ministry with young people. These are evenings for talking, thinking and praying about our priorities for our children and what we believe God’s are, and for trying to work out how we achieve them. So if you’re a parent, or simply care about the church’s

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A one-star story

Here's a report from Shona of the Bookgroup held last week at the Light House: "I have to say that our Book Group this month was fairly unanimous in not enjoying A Possible Life by Sebastian Faulks. The book is separated into five sections describing the lives of five different characters. Throughout the book you are  looking for a connection between them all, and it does not appear! Also, each story is fairly depressing and sad. So our Bookgroup

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A challenge for Lent

This coming Wednesday, 5th March is Ash Wednesday. It’s the start of Lent, the 40-day period before Easter (excluding Sundays) when Christians have traditionally reflected on Jesus’ willing journey to death, and on our own need of the forgiving grace of God. Traditionally, this has involved ‘giving something up’, as a symbol of a wholehearted focus on God. At this morning’ service, Jonathan encouraged us to express that focus on God not

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Fund-raising events

Thanks to everyone who attended yesterday's two fund-raising events. 'Pancakes with a purpose' raised £323 for the Youth Mission trip to Romania, and the evening concert raised £650, helping to fund Thomas Whillis' year working in Africa with Project Trust. Thomas leaves in August. Further contributions to the costs of the Romanian trip and Thomas' project would be gratefully received!

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Let your light shine!

At this morning’s service, Mike Robertson preached on Matthew 17:1-13, which records the ‘Transfiguration’ of Jesus. Jesus took three of his closest friends, Peter, James and John up a mountain and at the top, he was transformed – a bright light shining from within, radiating through his body. The four of them were joined by Moses and Elijah, two of the greatest God-followers from the first part of the Bible.  The event confirmed before

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Help is on its way!

An update on the Jubilee Hope story! (Click here for an earlier post) Recently, Duncan mentioned that the Vine Trust was looking for someone with a nautical background to join the Jubilee Hope on the next leg of its journey to Lake Victoria in Africa. Well help is on the way in the person of our very own Donald Macdonald. Donald had 50 years of experience on big ships – tankers and bulk carriers – when he retired in 2008 - and had been thinking

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