Book Group report from Shona

Book Group

We had a really lovely evening last Thursday with lots of chat and stories. Thirteen of us were there which was great. We eventually came round to talking about the books!

The house between tides  was enjoyed by everyone who read it although one or two found the swapping back and forth between past and present confusing. Everyone liked the description of the characters and the twists and turns and the clever ending. It got 4.5/5.

This must be the place was not enjoyed half as much. It was felt to be too long and wordy and took forever to get anywhere. The ending was good and one character in particular was excellent but she only featured in one chapter! It received a meagre 2/5.

For over the summer we have selected three options:

Women of the Dunes by Sarah Maine (same author as The House Between Tides) Where the world ends by Geraldine McCaughrean and  A woman of war by Mandy Robotham

We will meet again on Thursday 29th August  at 7.30 at Nicole Varwell’s house.

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