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Church building anniversary – recipe fundraiser from the 1950s
recipe 3

Anniversary of the church building Norah Stewart has kindly let me see a ‘Cookery Book’ complied to raise money for Hilton Church back in the 1950s. It sold for One shilling (or 5p in today’s money) – I’ve a feeling a present-day equivalent would be something like £4.  Here are the recipes it contains (we certainly had a sweet tooth in those days), and the people who contributed them. Mrs Aitken, Greig Street   Neapolitan Cake J. G.

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Here are the hymns we sang yesterday
Hilton Church Original interior

These were the same hymns sung at the opening of the Hilton Church building on 28th March 1958. All people that on earth do dwell  or in Vaughan Williams’ great orchestral setting How glorious Sion’s courts appear, the city of our God Christ is made the sure foundation Pray that Jerusalem may have peace and felicity (Can’t find this one on Youtube) Ye gates lift up your heads on high  

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Book Group report from Shona
Book Group

We had a very enjoyable evening last week discussing the books we read last month.  The drinks and nibbles were good too!! Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine  by Gail Honeyman was thought to be a great first novel for the author. Her insight into loneliness and kindness and friendship was excellent. There were some very funny and touching moments in the book as well as some great quotes and comments. It got 5/5. Chris Packham’s Fingers in the

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Hilton Church – the deepest story
cherry blossom 2010 005

It’s sixty years since Hilton Church building was opened in 1958 – and the church was meeting on the site several years before. You can chart the history of a church through old photos, newspaper reports and kirk session minutes, but the deepest story is spun from the memories of those who have been part of the church over the years.  Memories of joy, of sadness and loss, memories of friendship and love, memories of steps taken in faith, memories

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Experiencing forgiveness

Jonathan had the wooden cross set up at Messy Church; there were tables with labels and pens. ‘What you do,’ he told me, ‘is to write down on a label something you’ve done that you know is wrong and you are seeking forgiveness for, and then hang it on a nail hammered into the cross.’ I love this: here I am with the thing which is burdening my heart and my conscience. Perhaps I’ve prayed and asked for forgiveness, and tried as best as

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Messy Church – photos from this afternoon

Everyone was having a great time at Messy Church this afternoon. There were Easter related crafts, followed by a talk, while in the kitchen the cooks were getting the meal ready! (Parents/guardians of all children in close up have given permission for the photos to be taken.)

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Iris cuts cake to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the church building
Iris cake not yet cut

This morning, Iris Macleod, who has been attending Hilton Church since before the new building was opened in 1958, cuts the cake celebrating the 60th Anniversary of the building.  

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What type are you? Thoughts from John

Jonathan pointed out that the Psalm we read this morning anticipated, or foreshadowed Jesus entering into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday.  Of course Jesus knew this – Jesus knew that in going into the city as he did, he was echoing the historical event which had taken place so many years before. Echoing it, and subverting it, for he rode not on a great horse, but on a humble donkey signalling a new kind of kingship, a kingship of service. As Jonathan

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Gate, Key component, Love embodied: Jonathan’s three challenging pictures

I loved these pictures of Jesus which Jonathan gave us this morning as he reflected on Psalm 118.  Two are similies - 'Jesus is like this.'  The first is a fact. Jesus as someone embodying God’s love. We all long to be loved, and God loves us far, far more than any other human being ever could.  It’s so easy for us to push the reality of that love away from us. That kind of perfect love doesn’t exist, we say. I don’t deserve to be loved.

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Palm Sunday – welcoming the king: report of Jonathan’s sermon on Pslam 118
Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday today. The readings were different from the ones previously announced – we read Matthew 21:1-11, and Psalm 118. Jonathan told us he’d decided to reflect on the Psalm, a Psalm of praise focussing on  deliverance from evil. Of this Psalm Martin Luther wrote ‘This is my own Psalm which I specially love…. It has done me great service on many an occasion, and has stood by me in many a difficulty, when the emperor, kings, wise men

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