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House Group questions on Sunday’s service

What does it tell us about King Solomon that he requested wisdom to help him carry out his role as king? (1 Kings 3:6-7) Try to be honest: if you were offered whatever you wanted by God, how would you reply? Would the members of the group be willing to share situations where they have asked God for wisdom in a given situation?  What happened next? Read these lists which we saw on Sunday: People say: Me first!; Get all you can!; Grow up fast!; Fight

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And here are the songs we sang this morning

How happy are all they who hear (Couldn’t find this in Youtube) Sing of the Lord’s goodness, Father of all wisdom Seek ye first the kingdom of God Be thou my vision

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Christian Values in Education

Here's the link to the Christian Values in Education which is of interested to all of us who are involved in any way in Scottish schools.

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Back to School with God – reflection from John on this morning’s service
wisdom kids

A reflection from John on this morning’s service. (Other than the Bible passage, the words in italics are John’s personal comments) Living wisely ‘Back to school – with God’ was the theme of this morning’s all-age service. It was an encouragement to children, young people, and everyone who works in a school environment to be aware of God’s presence with them in school. And the particular emphasis was on seeking wisdom to live in such

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Bible passages for Sunday’s service

I love this Psalm., such an expression of longing, not for a building or a religious ritual, but for God. The amazing thing which Jesus shows us is that as we open our hearts to him, so the Holy Spirit makes his home within us. Each of our hearts is a house of God, a place where we encounter God. God lives not in the stone-built fabric of a building, but within us. The fabric of our frail humanity is home to the creator of the universe, and we can

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Book Group News
Book Group

Here's a report from Shona on the Book Group's latest meeting on 27th July: We had an enjoyable evening discussing lots of different things including the books we'd chosen last month!! The spool of blue thread  was not enjoyed very much. The characters were well described but it was felt that there was no plot or any real purpose to the story! It got a mere 1.5/5. Letters from Skye was enjoyed much more! We felt it was an easy summer read with a

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You will never run away

The line which most struck me this morning as we sang 'You will never run away' this morning was the one whicb says 'You are the joy and fight in me.' It's a call to rely on God as our source of joy, and creatve energy as we seek to face up to dark stuff in our lives, or around us. It's easy to say that we are relying on God, much more difficult to actually entrust ourselves to God. It's a question, at least for an introvert like me, of learning

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Songs we sang this Sunday
Be still

Lord I come, I confess Be still, for the presence of the Lord Come, now is the time to worship You will never run away, you’re forever mine Hide me now under your wing You are my refuge, my fortress my tower (Couldn’t find this one on Youtube)

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Our friends from Togo
American couple

We said ‘goodbye’ this morning to Eric and Brenda Kosiorek, and three of their sons Caleb, Daniel and Michael, who have been with us for the last four weeks, but leave for the United States on Wednesday. They are missionaries, with the Association of Baptists for World Evangelism. They serve in a town called Mango in the West-African country Togo, where they work at the Hospital of Hope. They were topping off in Scotland on their way home to

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The best big brother they could ever want

I loved how at church this morning we prayed for all the kids of primary and secondary school age, a couple of days before they go back to school (unless they’re at Cauldeen Primary, which returns on Wednesday.) Fiona invited them all to come to the front, and overcame any teenage diffidence with the lure of what looked like Haribos! ‘God is our refuge and strength,’ Fiona reminded them. She talked to them about what a ‘refuge’ is – a

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