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House group questions on John 11:1-44

Housegroup questions on John 11:1-44 As always, please just choose the questions which you think are most appropriate for your group. Duncan pointed out that many of us have had experiences like Martha and Mary’s – we called out to God in a time of need, and there seemed to be no answer; we were aware only of God’s absence. Some members of the group may wish to talk about their experiences of this: what did God’s silence ‘feel like’;

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Accepting our mortality
John at Cromarty

This morning’s service was about Jesus as ‘the resurrection and the life’ (John 11:25)  Some of us, Duncan said, would not have had much experience of people close to us dying; others, because of age, would be much more familiar with this unwelcome visitor. But Duncan encouraged us to gently reflect on our own mortality – we would, he said, find it helpful. I think he’s right – it’s often the case than when someone receives a terminal

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Here are the songs we sang this morning

Light of the world With a prayer you fed the hungry I am the bread of life From the falter of breath (Couldn’t find this on Youtube) In Christ alone

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Jesus – the Resurrection and the Life: report of Duncan’s sermon this morning

Today, Duncan was preaching on John 11:1-44, rather than the passage which was announced. John  11 tells the story of Jesus’ restoring to life his friend Lazarus, who had died. The raising of Lazarus was the last of the seven ‘sign miracles’ recorded in John’s Gospel through which Jesus’ identity was revealed to those with spiritual discernment. In fact, as Duncan pointed out, the actual miracle is described in just a few verses – the

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Foodbank report from Lorna

HIGHLAND FOODBANK I would like to say a huge thank you to Hilton Church for your very kind donations of food throughout 2017, and in particular for the specific items we were short of.  Receiving these items is really helpful as it means we have the full range of items available to provide individuals and families with everything they need to prepare three meals over three days following their visit to Foodbank. We had a busy 2017.  In November

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Housegroup questions on John 3:1-21
God so loved the world

Housegroup questions on John 3:1-21 Lots of questions here, many of them deep and searching.  Please just choose the ones which you think would be most profitable for the members of your group.  The key thing is that we must never be afraid of asking questions. Questions open the door to our spiritual growth. Some members of the group may wish to share how their faith stories began: some may have had a ‘born again’ experience; some may have

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Songs we sang this morning

Oh Lord my God Crown him with many crowns (Majesty, Lord of all) For God so loved the world (L is the love that he has for me) How deep the Father’s love for us Here is love, vast as the ocean

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Born again by the Spirit; alive in the Spirit: the wonder of Christian life: a report of Duncan’s sermon this morning

Duncan’s sermon this morning was on John 3, a very well-known passage. It tells the story of a night-time conversation between Jesus, and Nicodemus, who was one of the Jewish leaders. Perhaps he came after darkness had fallen because he didn’t want his fellow-Pharisees, who already saw Jesus as ‘trouble’, to find out about his visit. Two memorable statements Among many other memorable verses, the chapter is famous for two: In verse 3, Jesus

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Inverness 18s-30s forthcoming events….

Inverness 18-30s Upcoming Events: Saturday 27th January: Burns Ceilidh.  This is being held in Eden Court and we are meeting at the Cathedral at 8pm and walking down together.  Tickets are £10, please purchase from Eden Court prior to signing up, link here Thursday 15th February: Bring Your Own Board Game. This will be held in Hilton Parish Church, starting from 5:30pm.  Please bring a board game or two and £2. Sign up here. Sunday 7th April:

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Hilton Living Better Group meets on Tuesday 30th January

The Hilton Living Better Group (for anyone living with a long term condition) resumes after its Christmas break on Tuesday 30th January at 1.30pm in Hilton Church Hall.  A gentle OTAGO exercise session will hopefully kick off the new year in style!

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