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Belonging: a personal reflection from John on Sunday’s sermon

What Duncan said this morning is wonderfully true.  It is liberating and transformative to know that we are loved, accepted, cherished by God simply as a result of God’s wonderful love and grace. Paul referred to Jesus being revealed ‘in me’ (Galatians 1:15) by God.  I think this is a significant word – it’s not a question of learning facts about Jesus or getting our head around complicated doctrines, otherwise our ‘understanding’

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Here are the songs we sang at church yesterday

I cast my  mind to Calvary All heavens declare the glory of the risen Lord The Lord bless you and keep you - Couldn’t find the version we sang on-line, but here’s John Rutter’s equally lovely version Your grace is enough, more than I need How deep the Father’s love for us Before the throne of God above Amazing grace  

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Wonderful welcoming God: sermon from Jonathan on Acts 15:1-19

Jonathan was preaching this morning, on Acts 15:1-19.  It’s an incident in the early history of the church which teaches us lessons very relevant for today. Here’s the background Most of the very first followers of Jesus were Jewish people, who had either Jewish by birth or conversion.  As the good news spread ever-widely from Jerusalem, people who were not Jewish (referred to as Gentiles) were also responding to the message about Jesus, and

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