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Book Group

Most of us really enjoyed The trouble with goats and sheep  by Joanna Canon and liked her style of writing and the symbolism she used. We also liked the bible quotes and her portrayal of life and the burdens many people carry. We gave it 4.5 out of 5. Colour Bar by Susan Williams was also enjoyed but less people had read it. We felt it was a very good book covering the important topic of apartheid and an interesting part of British and African history.

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Housegroup questions on Luke 10:25-42

Housegroup questions on Luke 10:25-42 Please just focus on the questions which seem ‘right’ for the group. ‘Eternal life’ doesn’t simply refer to life after death, but to a richer, deeply-satisfying quality of life which we are offered now by Jesus, and which we will continue to experience after physical death. It’s a hugely exciting concept: the future is now, and we’re challenged to enter more fully into the life which is that future.

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Songs we sang this morning at Hilton

There is a Redeemer How deep the Father’s love for us Oh to see the dawn Behold the Lamb who bears our sins Wonderful Lord and God, you are my shield and protector Here is love Be still for the presence of the Lord In Christ alone

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Loving Jesus – and loving our neighbours
Good Sam7

A report of this morning's sermon on Luke 15:25-42 ‘Now listen carefully,’ said Philip Noble as he began reading the Bible passage for today, Luke 10:25-42.  These verses begin with Jesus’ famous story about the Good Samaritan, and the point of Philip’s comment was that often when we’re very familiar with a story we don’t pay attention to the words, and so potentially miss vital details. After the Bible reading, he showed us a clip from

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Food bank request…
Food bank entrance

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Inverness Presbytery Prayer News March 2017
Pray with us

Sunday 5th March – Kiltarlity and Kirkhill – Minister: Rev Dr. Jonathan Humphrey *Pray for the two congregations – Pray for the services week by week and for everyone involved in the service. Pray that we would deeply encounter God together as we sing, pray, and hear His Word.  Pray too, that we would not just be hearers of the word, but doers also, that we would be changed more into His likeness, and image of Christ. *Remember also the Sunday

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Bible passages for tomorrow’s service
Good Sam6

Luke 10:25-42  The parable of the good Samaritan 25 On one occasion an expert in the law stood up to test Jesus. ‘Teacher,’ he asked, ‘what must I do to inherit eternal life?’ 26 ‘What is written in the Law?’ he replied. ‘How do you read it?’ 27 He answered, ‘“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind”; and, “Love your neighbour as yourself.”’

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Church of Scotland News………

Click on the pictures to access Church of Scotland March Newsletter   Church of Scotland Lent Resources page Inverness Presbytery March Bulletin

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40p for 40 days…….

Message from Lorna at Highland Foodbank: If you haven't yet decided if you're giving up coffee or chocolate this Lent, please consider supporting Highland Foodbank in feeding local people in crisis. We are asking people to donate 40p for the 40 fasting days of Lent. All you have to do is find an old jam jar and start collecting 40p each fasting day from the 1st March to 15th April 2017. The £16 you have collected over Lent can also be gift aided

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I want to live simply, but I like stuff!
Dethroning mammon

On Sunday evening (5th March) from 6-7pm, we begin our 4 week series for Lent on the Possible World. Our first evening is called – Consumer culture: I want to live simply but I like stuff One significant contribution to thinking on consumerism has been a recent book by the current Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby called Dethroning Mammon . If you don’t feel up to reading the book (which is very good), there is an excellent Nomad podcast

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