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Home baking for Messy Church
Messy Church

Messy Church will take place in the church this Sunday, 1st September from 4pm to 6pm. Crafts, fun, singing - and you get your tea! All children welcome - please note that children must be accompanied by an adult! Free of charge Simeon and the Team would ne really grateful for donations of home baking which the children and their  accompanying adults will enjoy for desert after the meal. If you can help, please just bring your contribution along

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AMP 2019: 21st October – 25th October 2019
AMP 19

What is A.M.P? A.M.P is a performing arts week run by Out of the Box (Scotland) Ltd, where young people can make new friends, develop creative skills and grow in faith. Each person attending will have a choice of creative streams where they will have the opportunity to work alongside professionals from the performing arts towards an end of week showcase where they can put all their new skills into practise. Who is A.M.P. aimed at? Young people: •

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Living Better with a long-term condition: Next Hilton Meeting, Tuesday 25th April

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Evidence for the resurrection
Shrt answers

And here's the video by Andy Bannister which Duncan showed emphasising that the resurrection is not fantasy, not 'nonsense' as the disciples first thought (Luke 24:11), but something which actually happened. 'Did Jesus really rise from the dead? The story of Jesus’ resurrection is central to Christianity but few people are aware that there are powerful historical reasons for believing in it. This Easter, perhaps the choice isn’t lazy skepticism

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Cracking eggs……
Thorntons eggs

Jonathan had fun with the children at the service this morning cracking open chocolate eggs with a hammer, and reflecting on today’s Bible passage, Luke 24: 1-12. The first one looked truly amazing – it called itself the ‘Marvellously Magnificent Humungous Chocolate Easter Egg’, and you would imagine that the chocolate egg would contain some further edible goodies. However, Jonathan and the children were disappointed. It was empty! This reminded

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New beginnings

Someone quoted to me words from the old Christian classic The Cloud of Unknowing  yesterday: “For He can well be loved, but he cannot be thought. By love he can be grasped and held, but by thought, neither grasped nor held.” I love these words, because I realise there is so much about God that is beyond words, beyond understanding, beyond knowledge. But I think there are some things which can be known, though only partially understood.  And

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He is risen indeed….

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Thanks to everyone who helped at Dores Beach this morning…..

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The fire burns brightly

‘Why do you have an Easter Service on Dores Beach?’ Andreas asked me at church on Friday. I talked about the tradition of dawn services on Easter Sunday, marking the Rising of the Son; I talked about the risen Jesus appearing to his disciples on a beach, cooking a breakfast of fish over the fire; I talked about the special place Dores Beach has in many of our hearts. ‘One of the most beautiful places in the world,’ someone said – and on

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The sun shines through grey clouds

As we were singing one of the songs this morning at Dores, Iain Todd touched me on the shoulder. ‘Look!’ he said, pointing at the trees, gaunt on the shoreline against a grey sky. I following his finger, and saw a brightness, and then the unmistakable presence of the sun. It was visible for less than a minute, but it was enough. Sometimes the Risen Jesus seems hidden in the grey mist of our struggles. And a times we will be granted glimpses of

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