A culinary voyage for chef Rory…..


This morning we were delighted to hear Rory’s story of the part he played in sailing Vine Trust’s latest medical vessel Forth Hope across the Atlantic Ocean and up the Amazon river to its destination in Peru.  As well as helping with video and social media work before the ship’s departure – what he had originally volunteered for –  Rory was the ship’s chef on the voyage which took 42 days and covered 7000 miles.

Rory seems to have made an admirable job of it, learning as he went along while coping with constant challenge and change. We heard about gale force winds; a brief visit to Tenerife; a calm ocean; an escort of whales, dolphins and flying fish; the complexity of buying food when you had different nationalities on board; the affect of climate and temperature on the menu; brushes with officialdom – and finally, arrival, in time for the ship to be made ready for Princess Anne’s visit.

Rory showed us a video of the voyage (you need to be on Facebook to see this.) The voyage blog is here. And here’s the Vine Trust.

There’s a film about the Forth Hope on the One Show this Wednesday, 29th November.

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