News from the Church Garden…..

by | Sep 27, 2021 | News and reports

News deom Duncan about this morning’s Church Garden workparty:

We had a fantastic work party this morning with so many people coming along to help. Thank you to everyone who came along. It was wonderful to share together.

Another report, this time from Brian Fraser of all the good work in the Church Garden carried out on Saturday.

I thought it would be good for everyone to have a final report on the fantastic work that was carried out this morning, by up to 25 volunteers. 😇😇😇 The number might not be exact, as people were moving around the property, both outside and inside, so take this as a “running total” 🏃👌

Those who very kindly gave of their time, carried out an amazing amount of work and arrived and left as their day dictated.

Everything that had been listed was achieved 👏👋👏 and I am quite sure there will be a great sense of satisfaction for everyone involved.

Gardening: Every corner around the Church and Lighthouse buildings received attention, with weeding, grass cutting, strimming and pruning, filling all of Garden Bins to the brim.

Fencing: The three gaps in the fencing behind the Sheds in the Compound, were blocked up, with the centre section still to be mounted on hinges. This is in hand and will provide a locked gate to provide future access for maintenance.

Painting: A large section of previously untreated fencing was painted with a wood preservative, as were both of the Compound Sheds. As might have been expected, the sheds absorbed the paint like blotting paper and they will require another coat next spring.🤔😏😤

Small Hall Ventilation: The secondary glazing was successfully removed by a select band and access is now possible to an opening window to provide very necessary ventilation.

There is still outstanding works to be done, but these are in hand.

All things considered, today can only be looked at and voted a resounding success and we were very blessed 🙏🙏🙏 with very pleasant and dry working conditions.

A gigantic THANK YOU, to everyone involved. Every single pair of hands were needed and rose to the challenge. 👌✌👌✌

Bless you all, ⛪