The GoodNESS Project in Culloden

by | Mar 24, 2021 | News and reports

Report by Rebecca Wilson, Project Co-ordinator

The  GoodNESS Project is an exciting fresh initiative hosted by the Barn Church. We were approached by our neighbours and friends across the road at Kings Inverness, to explore bringing the resources of both churches together to invest in the one community we both serve. Although two distinct church families, what we do together isn’t about building ‘our’ churches, but about one community, and building the one Kingdom of God.

We decided on a partnership model with a small budget.The project got under way with a period of listening for the needs and aspirations of the local community. It is centred on goodness (and the Christian call to be good neighbours), seeking to foster and nurture all kinds of good in our local communities and beyond.

Already,we are seeing fruit from our partnership. A heart for the people and place around us foundi n the DNA of a parish church, together with the heart and business and investment skills of an independent church, adds value to the local community, dovetailing GoodNESS with the Good News.

We have big plans for community assets like a community fridge(opening very soon) and community garden, promoting inter-generational connections and partnerships, providing accessible and safe spaces for community to flourish, and focusing on developing a culture that allows our churches and local community to be ‘Growing Young’ (we’re part of a learning community on this thanks to our partnership and Presbytery support).We’re offering opportunities for young people to complete an internship with the project, or volunteer and gain their Saltire Youth Achievement/DoE Awards. 

Of course, nobody is too old to volunteer with us. We’revery excited about what God is doing and where He’ll be leading us, and we’d love to chat to anyone who’d like to find out more or partner with us in some way.

Check it out on Facebook by searching The Good NESS Project or @goodintheness, or Instagram @the_goodnessproject.