Rhymes Recollected Monday 22nd March at 2.00pm Spring and Easter

by | Mar 16, 2021 | Events

We had a lovely Rhymes Recollected today (Monday 22nd March at 2pm)  Audrey and John read cracking poems on Spring and Easter, and there was some good chat!

You can watch the session here, or follow the link below.

Looking forward to welcoming you to another poetical session – the next will be on Monday 19th April, when the subject will be ‘hobbies and pastimes.’  Don’t miss it!

Audrey read this reflection on Psalm 39 from Malcolm Guite’s collection David’s Crown. There was a problem with the internet while Audrey was reading and some of the poem was missed. Here’s the text – it is very relevant in this time of lockdown. (In fact the whole of David’s Crown was composed during last year’s first lockdown, 12 months ago.)

Deliver me and raise me from the dead
For I have walked in shadows. Nothingness,
The vanity of things fills me with dread,

The sheer inanity, the pointlessness
Of how we used to live – we can’t go back
To that – the rush that masked our emptiness,

All the pretence that covered what we lack
When what we really lacked was always you.
I held my tongue, but I could see the crack

In everything we build and say and do.
And now the crack is widening. I pray
That we will turn and see a light break through

These fissures that so fill us with dismay.
The death we fear is birth, the shell is breaking:
The stone itself will soon be rolled away