Acorn: Mission miracles through O-bedience

by | Mar 11, 2021 | News and reports

From Here to Serve 31

ACORN is a movementthe Church of Scotland that seeks to connect Christians with the work God is doing in others through caring conversation. After A-sking God ‘who, beyond the church, would you like me to reach out to today?’ God might C-all, we O-bey then R-eport in a group and N-otice what God is doing. A lady in one of the groups shared ‘

A long time ago I realised that guidance would not come if I listened for God, just for his opinion. I worked out that I needed to have already decided to O-bey before I would hear anything.’

Reminding her to apply this principle in the here and now, the big and the small.She has now predetermined, already decided that whatever God says, she will obey. Now, when God speaks, she is ready to go and act on God’s nudges she might have dismissed or ignored. The kirk session decided to put a TryPraying banner up, this lady who is on the session heard God’s call to approach the local shop owner, where it will now go up. She also approached the local pub. After they hosted a Nativity scene, now the pub is asked to be the site for an Easter willow sculpture. The shop and pub owners are not Christians. The attitude ‘Lord, whatever you choose for me, I will go’ leads to exciting ventures.

Follow the links below to hear Dr Michael Harvey outline ‘ACORN’ and two videos featturing people who have put the principles into practice, and grown conscious of God helping them to help others.  The second of these two videos includes voices from the Highlands.