Listening ear at the Culduthel Christian Centre

by | Feb 3, 2021 | News and reports

‘Listening Ear’ at Culduthel Christian Centre – an article from the Inverness Presbytery Church Support n ewsletter.

A time to be listened to, in confidence, and without judgement

By Janet Logue

Feeling isolated, lonely, or disconnected? Struggling with feeling low or anxious? Feeling burdened with home-schooling or concerns about work? Need someone to listen and talk things through with, in confidence?

Through our Listening Ear service at Culduthel Christian Centre, we are really pleased to be able to offer a regular time to be listened to each week. Being carefully listened to can make us feel less alone, help us cope better, and bring clarity to our thoughts and feelings.

Our listening sessions are offered through our volunteers who have training and experience in listening. All our volunteers are supported by a member of our church staff who is a qualified for an initial chat to see if we can help.

Our support is confidential, non-judgemental and open to all – you don’t need to share our faith or attend our church.

ontact us on or by phoning or texting 07908402344

IPCS says:

‘So many people in communities beyond the walls of our churches, are struggling with isolation, anxiety and mental health issues. Many are on waiting lists for counselling and psychology but are struggling to get support. They could deeply benefit by having someone of faith listen to them. Listening Ear has been set up by the Pastoral Care co-ordinator at CCC who is also the clinical manager for our local CrossReach Counselling Service in Inverness is made for a time of lockdown, here and now. Do you know anyone who might benefit from this service? Why not promote the text above on a church blog, a leaflet, a poster next to your church door, or by contacting someone you think might benefit greatly?’