Hope is coming…..

by | Feb 19, 2021 | News and reports

An email from Philip Todd at Fellowship Film. The song, from The Gaelic King is by Matthew Todd.

Hope is coming

So it’s February… 2021 has well and truly begun, but so far it seems like not a lot has changed since last year. The pandemic continues to sweep the globe, in Scotland we’re still in full lockdown, and the uncertainties and anxieties that emerged at the start of 2020 remain hovering in the air.

Yet, whilst reflecting on the months that have passed, I realised that there has of course been change. Not just the arrival of vaccines, but something more internal. Maybe we’re stronger now as a result of last year? Or maybe we feel weaker? Either way, we have the encouragement of knowing we’ve been here before and we came through it.

The credits song from our debut feature film The Gaelic King seems very apt for a time like this. It’s written by Matthew and was inspired by the plight of the Gaels in the story of the film, who have been oppressed by a Great Evil that has the whole land gripped in fear (sound familiar?). In the song, a solo voice is reminding them that even in the darkest times we can endure. We may feel overwhelmed for now, but hope is coming!