Book Group Report from Shona

by | Feb 19, 2021 | News and reports

We had a lovely catch up last night with nine of us on Zoom. It was great to see folk ( albeit online) and to hear their news.

We discussed our two books:

The Binding by Bridget Collins received mixed reviews. It was thought to be a bit weird and the idea of binding up people’s memories in books very unique and unusual but on the whole rather negative in style.It received 2.5/5 The house by the Loch by Kirsty Wark also received very mixed reviews. Some thought it too simply written with characters that did not draw you in and a storyline that was too predictable while others found it a great read, with characters within the family supporting each other through the issues of grief and mental health and regret. It received 3.5/5.

For next month we have chosen:

The Family Holiday by Elizabeth Noble     ( 99p on kindle)  and/or

Away with the Penguins by Hazel Prior.    (£1.99 on kindle)

We will meet again on Zoom on Thursday March 25th at 7.30pm