ACORN: Helping Churches to Grown During the COVID lockdown

by | Jan 15, 2021 | Events

From the Inverness Presbytery newsletter:

Helping churches grow during Covid’s lockdown

Up and down the UK, a simple spiritual discipline called Acorn is bringing spiritual growth and impacting those beyond their church. Dr Michael Harvey is leading two identical Church of Scotland webinar sessions, where you can listen to the stories of three people sharing how it works for them. This is available on

Monday 18th January at 7.00pm or
Thursday 22nd January at 11.00am

Who is this for? This practical webinar is for anyone who would consider trying to reach out to thers themselves.

How to take part? Please Email IPCS, we will send you a link to the session of your choice. ( 07932690856)

‘The ACORN process is wonderfully simple but incredibly powerful. It has been a tremendous blessing to our small group’.‘What makes Acorn different is it’s not based on a programme, theory or individual but focuses us to listen to God first’