‘Love one another’ – an extract from Phil’s sermon this morning

by | Sep 6, 2020 | News and reports

As we reflect on moving back into the building, Phil asked us to consider the months of lockdown, and ask ourselves four questions as we reflect on Jesus encouragement in Matthew 18:15-20 to love one another and listen to one another.

What have you missed most about church life?

Who have you missed most?

What are the struggles you have not missed?

Who are the people you have not missed?

‘I encourage you to ask these questions this week, and then to go any pray about it. Pray for the things you have missed, and the people you have missed as well. Thank God, and pray for these people, for these things as well, and pray that we may be able to return to some of them soon.

But also, pray for the people you have not missed, and the struggles you have not missed, so that God can strengthen you, so that you can love those people whom you don’t get on with so well, or with whom we’ve had a falling-out in the past. And if we do that, it’s far more likely that when we come to the time of reopening the church, we’ll find ourselves ready to come to meet together in love, rather than harbouring a grudge, or continuing to hold on to it.

So let us pray this morning for God’s help and wisdom.