COVID-19 and our use of the Church building: a letter from Duncan

by | Sep 22, 2020 | News and reports

Dear Friends,

The Kirk Session met last week to consider the possibility of re-opening the Church buildings. We were aided in our discussions by the recent survey that many completed and returned. We were also guided by the various lengthy documents produced by the Church of Scotland which you can read (see list of links at the bottom of this page – version 7 of the ‘Reopening Church Buildings document is here.)   

 There was a broad spectrum of opinion reflected in the survey. A majority expressed very significant caution regarding the prospect of returning to a Sunday service any time soon. A very substantial majority expressed contentment with continuing with services online. There was also a significant minority expressing a desire to meet together for worship.

 In order to reopen the buildings, we require to do a very detailed risk assessment of all the various areas which we plan to use. Then we can apply to the local presbytery for permission to re-open for specific stated purposes. The kirk session decided to adopt a phased approach, and has applied for permission to re-open the buildings for the use of various childrens’ and youth groups including Sunday Club and Nitelife.  A very significant number of our teenagers would like to meet together, and with the introduction of “the Rule of 6,” this can only take place in the church buildings.

 Over the next few weeks, we hope to be able to host some of these groups like Nitelife and Sunday Club in the Church buildings. We will carefully monitor how this goes, and will then make decisions about whether other gatherings might be possible. As I write, the Scottish Executive are preparing to announce new restrictions in the light of the rapidly increasing number of people infected by Covid 19. We are clearly living in very uncertain times. I will keep you posted on developments via the Sunday livestream, and will write again with an update as the future direction of travel becomes clearer. Here’s a beautiful blessing I saw on the Church of Scotland website.

 Grace & Peace