The Kirk Session’s thoughts about returning to the building…….

by | Aug 8, 2020 | News and reports

News from the Kirk Session about their thoughts for returning to meeting physically in the Church.

We’ll meet again….but if you’re talking physical meeting, it’s not quite yet!

The Kirk Session met on Tuesday night and had a discussion regarding a pathway towards meeting for services in the church building again. We have established a working group to work on all the necessary arrangements to make this possible when the time is right.

We are now in Phase 3 of the lifting of restrictions. It’s possible for services to take place in church buildings. However, everyone requires to wear a mask, no singing is allowed and the social distancing would mean that only 20% of our regular congregation could meet at any one time. The elders felt that it would be best to continue with the on line services and to review again on 15th September. In the interim, the Kirk session will send out a survey to everyone connected with Hilton Church to gauge responses to the prospect of a return to the buildings.

The elders also considered the potential for children and youth to meet together in the near future. Schools are returning next week and the social distancing rules are different, especially for children. The Kirk session will be consulting with parents, children and youth over the coming days with a view to these groups being able to meet both on line and in person. The situation is clearly very fluid and uncertain at the moment, as the recent spike in cases in Aberdeen has illustrated. Let’s pray that the numbers of cases in Scotland remains very low so that we can move towards a “ new normality “ within Hilton Church in the early Autumn.