Sunday on-line service, July 15th 2020

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Events

Duncan writes:

We warmly invite you to join us for a live stream worship service at Hilton Church on Sunday morning at 10 am. The service will be led by the Macs.

It’s a changing of the guard within the Mac household! After 15 weeks of lock-down restrictions, Eilidh is joining the “MacBubble” while Rory is returning to work in Paris. So it’s one in and one out!

The lectionary passages for Sunday are Isaiah 55 v 10-12 & Matthew 13 v 1-9. it’s early days in terms of preparation but thoughts at the moment are focussed around JOY.

The photo above was taken before lock-down when we all had smart hair cuts and no social distancing!


Episode 2 of Out of the Box’s Rooted Family Series about the Fruits of the Spirit premieres at 9.30am tomorrow! Don’t miss it!