May your love be like a seed taking root and growing strong

by | Jul 12, 2020 | News and reports

The words which resonated with me most during this morning’s service were those of the response in the final prayer, which Eilidh read

May your love be like a seed taking root and growing strong

The context was Duncan’s sermon on the Parable of the Sower, Matthew 13 v 1-9 where the sower distributes his seed with wild generosity on a range of soils and on the words of the Lord in Isaiah 55 v 10-12, in particular the promise that ‘my word that goes out from my mouth… will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.’

God sows seed with a similar abandon, Duncan pointed out – God’s grace is not meagre but expansive and generous. But we should not expect all spiritual sowing to bear fruit – there will be those whose hearts are closed at any given moment to the spiritual seed. What we can expect where we share the word of God , despite all the struggles we may face along the way, that there will be fruitfulness and joy and liberation.

It strikes me that the soil quality in my heart changes from day to day.  Sometimes the field of my heart is good soil, open to the seed of God; but at other times there are hard soils, shallow soils, soils cluttered by other preoccupations. The challenge to me and to all of us  is to cultivate the soil of our hearts: to plough, and hack away the weeds, to dig out the rocks, and riddle away the stones. And we do not work on this alone, for the Father toils with us.

And so we say

May your love be like a seed taking root and growing strong

Father, thank you that this sentence is catching my attention, impressing itself upon we. Thank you that the seed of this sentence is putting down roots.

Father let your love take root in me. Today and tomorrow and every day.

Your love for me. May the sense that I am loved by you and precious to you grow and flourish. May the blossoming shoots of love extinguish the weeds of guilt, self-loathing and failure.

Your love for those close to me. As the seed grows, may I see those around me as those who are loved by you. May the fruit of this love within me be that something of your love for them is reflected in my actions towards them. May I love others, even the hard-to-love,  as if loving you.

Your love for our community, this city, our nation. May it take root in me, and be seen in me. And may I be open to the countless ways day by day, moment by moment you are sowing seeds of love in the community, as people face choices and challenges and deep struggles. May your call to love and light and hope meet fertile soil in our world. May the extravagance of your grace connect with readied, waiting soil.

My love, our love for you. May that too not be a flickering and easily-extinguished Sunday flame.  May it rather be a plant which puts down firm roots, so that we love you and trust you even when the sun has gone down and storms rage over the dark battered field.

May your love take root in us, and grow strong as we nurture its growth and are in turn nurtured by it.

May your love be like a seed taking root and growing strong