We will meet when the danger is over

by | Jun 25, 2020 | Uncategorized

A lovely new song for lockdownm written by John Bell of the Iona Community, shared by Audrey.

Hear are the words:

We Will Meet When the Danger Is Over
John L Bell (C) Wild Goose Resource Group, The Iona Community

We will meet when the danger is over,
we will meet when the sad days are over;
we will meet sitting closely together
and be glad our tomorrow has come.

We will join to give thanks and sing gladly,
we will join to break bread and share wine;
and the peace that we pass to each other
will more than a casual sign.

So let’s make with each other a promise
that when we’ve all come through is behind,
we will share what we missed and find meaning
in the things that once troubled our mind.