Sharing faith: Dr Michael Harvey, whom Phil quoted this morning

by | Jun 7, 2020 | People

Here are then points made about faith-sharing by Dr Michael Harvey, whom Phil quoted this morning:

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow

Dr Michael Harvey stated research that 80-95% of church-goers have no intention of inviting anyone to church. He gave a simple but thought-provoking challenge to us all –“Is there someone outside the church God is nudging you to contact to invite to church and/or speak about Him?”

He has found that 70% of those challenged do indeed know who God is calling them to contact, but many feel fearful of doing so. It was encouraging to be reminded that many of the great lessons in the Bible, for example Jonah, were taught through things that went badly wrong.

It is deeply honouring to think that God has someone in mind for me to connect with as He is trying to connect with them too, and He invites us to partner with Him.

Michael’s ‘template’ for growth, he calls ‘ACORN’

A for Ask -Ask God every day ‘is there somebody I’m being ‘nudged’ to connect with –to reach out to –today?

C for Call -God’s call is for us to respond to the call and make that call!

O for Obey -We must obey God and use whatever means we have available -a phone call, Skype, Facetime, WhatsApp. Conversations should be more than ‘checking in’ but really focus on peoples hurts, needs, desires and feelings to ascertain need and a level of response to even being open to pray if appropriate.

R for Report -Share with a Christian friend (or group) what God has done in this situation –even if it seems to be a very small step. Share what happened –like the disciples reported back to Jesus when sent on mission.

N for Notice -Notice what God is doing -reflect on what God has done in and through us. In the past we may have been too busy to listen to God’s voice and respond. But now, with God having our full attention, we may notice that God has used us and helped us grow in obedience and faith