Seven Words…..

by | May 31, 2020 | News and reports

In this morning’s video service, Martin Fair asked ‘What is the work we are called to and that the Spirit of God will equip and enable us for?’  Some people had been requested to summarise in just seven words. Here are the phrases we saw in the video. They are all personal perspectives, reflecting different aspects of our collective role as a church.

The question comes to each of us personally: which of the following statements resonates most with me? what words would I use to describe the work that I am called to as part of Hilton Church?

Bringing Jesus’ life into Scotland everyday

Overcoming all divisions: uniting everything in God

Revival of Church to rewire the culture

Build love and compassion into our neighbourhood

God’s energy that humanity can grow love

Being God’s gentle, challenging, affirming love today

Renewing our passion for joy in Jesus

Encouraging us to rest – rely on him

In patience and confidence shall be your strength

Jesus’ irresistible grace, surprising service, Scotland saved

On earth as it is in heaven

Using Jesus example to inspire social justice

To embolden us wherever God puts us

Revealing God’s Spirit through living Jesus’ love

Actions to show that God is love

Virus-like contaminating the world with God’s love

Church of Scotland has left the building

To open arms in love and acceptance

To empower and love us, inside out

Uniting the people of God as one

Inspire in us creativity, compassionately transforming Christianity

Breaking boundaries of division, uniting us in love

Sitting with grieving while holding God’s light

Help everyone and all creation to thrive

Comfort and sustain in days of darkness

Awaken, develop and sustain faith in Jesus

Guiding, comforting, advocating for Jesus in communitiwes

Help everyone and all creation to thrive

Pray, share, service God and be kind

New life! New vision! New power! Allelujah.

Renewing God’s earth in justice and peace

Enabling care for others in Jesus’ name

Seeking justice and peace for all people

Renewing God’s earth in justice and peace

Revealing Jesus to people of all ages

Love one another as I have loved you

Replicate God’s DNA within our human society

Sweeping away injustice and death with life

Creatively reveal hope by engaging tomorrow, today

Gifting people to share responsibility for creation

Fling wide the gates, let Jesus in