Help us choose some Odes, Oddities and Nonsense

by | May 11, 2020 | Events

It’s Rhymes Recollected on-line again next Monday (18th) on the Hilton Church Facebook page at 2pm.

The theme is ‘Odes, Oddities and Nonsense.’ Please let us know the favourite poems you’d like to hear read. Please contact John or Audrey, or email

As a wee preview, here’s Margaret Johnston’s contribution.


THE PARTY By Margaret Johnston

The animals came to my house last night
To have a party they said.
They waited outside till all was clear
And I was tucked up in bed.
They tapped at the window, then in the came –
And no two animals were the same.

A lion, a bear and a pig came through,
A cat, a dog, and a kangaroo.
I watched in amazement as they jigged round the floor,
Then kept very quiet when someone passed by my door.

Then all of a sudden a noise was heard and a voice cried out with a plea,
I know I’m big, but I’d love to come in – can somebody help me please?

We all looked out, and there we saw an elephant standing still,
“I’d like to come in and join in the fun, but I can’t climb over the still.”

We pulled and pushed with all our might –
As you can imagine it was very tight.
I asked him to dance, but he said “I’m not fit –
In that comfy chair by the fire I’ll sit!”

And so the party went on and one.
Before me knew, it was almost dawn.
When I opened my eyes, the room was bare.
Had I imagined they had all been there?


The window was open and I know for a fact
The dent on the cushion was where the elephant sat.
I smiled, I know it had all been true –
But please, it’s a secret between me and you.