Christian Aid needs your help more than ever

by | May 9, 2020 | News and reports

The annual Christian Aid week runs from 10th-16th May. You can find out here about all the work Christian Aid undertakes in 37 countries.

The local Christian Aid Committee normally runs lots of fund-raising events, such as coffee mornings and door-to-door collections – last year they raised £20,000.

Because of the lockdown, none of this fundraising will be taking place in 2020, and Christian Aid’s Inverness Group are inviting local folk to contribute to their Just Giving Page  to match last year’s sum.

Please consider helping – Duncan will be focussing on this appeal at tomorrow’s on-line service.

The local group emphasise the importance of the work Christian Aid is doing, and the fact that COVID-19 makes the need for their work even more vital than usual. Here’s what they tell us:

Christian Aid helps people to help themselves without regard to race or religion. It always works with local agencies rather than imposing help from abroad. It focuses on the poorest people in the world, people who have none of the things that almost all of us take for granted (clean water, food for tomorrow, a good education, a secure future).

Because of coronavirus this year, we the Inverness Christian Aid Group (an interdenominational group) cannot hold any of the sociable events we usually do (door-to-door collections, coffee mornings, soup and sandwich lunches and so on). However the need is even greater this year with Covid-19, added to climate change, hitting the poorest nations hard. Last year in the Inverness area you kindly donated over £20,000 during Christian Aid Week. Can we do it again? I hope so!

If you are a taxpayer, please do fill in the Gift Aid details to allow Christian Aid to reclaim the tax on your donation. This increases the value of your donation by 25% at no extra cost to you. You may think that 25% of your donation will make no difference, but if everyone gift-aided who could, the poor people of the world would gain an extra £2 million. Please, please do it!