by | Apr 13, 2020 | News and reports

In his earlier post, Phil asked us to think creatively about next Sunday’s Bble passage, John 20:19-31 and t:o make something using our particular talents to extress our thoughts.

Here’s a very penetrating poem published online yesterday by Kaitlin Shetler. It’s called Thomas:

the tomb is open
as if
that makes everything

as if that means
the trauma

a friend hanged himself
in a field
because of you
a mother cried at
the grave
because of you

grief was heavier
than the stone
that was
so easily
rolled away

and what do you
expect me to say
o god
i gave you my life
the least you could do
is give me your hands

i would have to touch
your very wounds
to accept you are still here
and that you still care

show me your body
and maybe then
i’ll believe
because my beliefs
are not trivial
i don’t covenant
give me your hands

and as i feel your side
i wonder
if it’s totally fair
to call you apathetic
to my suffering

my god
who kept his scars
who kept his body
who showed up alive
but still broken
who defeated death
but not disfigurement
might not be trying to overlook
after all
but show me what it means
to heal
from it