Points for prayer at Easter from Tearfund

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Prayer points

Phil writes:

As we approach Easter, let us remember we have a God who is bigger, stronger and more powerful than the situation we find ourselves in right now.

Let us continue to turn to him in prayer. These prayer points from Tearfund may help get you started.



Prayer Item #1
In many countries where Tearfund is working there are not enough hospitals to serve the population and very few ventilators. An outbreak of coronavirus will be deadly. Please keep people living in poverty in your prayers. Pray they will be protected and they will be able to access any healthcare they need.

Prayer Item #2
Tearfund is working closely with church leaders and partners around the world to counter misinformation about coronavirus and share resources that will help limit the spread. Please pray this information will reach people in need – especially women, the elderly and people living with disabilities – who are often marginalised from society.

Prayer Item #3
The UN has reported that countries in long-term conflicts are responding to its call for a worldwide ceasefire amidst the coronavirus pandemic. Praise God and ask him to speak to the hearts of governments in these countries to prioritise health and peace at this time. And please pray this unity will continue.