Great story in the Courier about Hilton Family Support

by | Apr 15, 2020 | News and reports, Uncategorized

There’s a great story in the Courier about Hilton Family Support!

Charity founded to support young families in Hilton area of Inverness is extending its work to the wider community in the wake of coronavirus

Hilton Family Support is working to provide as much support across the community as possible.

The charity was registered in 2018 but really began making an impact earlier this year as part of a continuation of work already being done by Hilton Church in Inverness.

Offering activities including toddlers’ groups and workshops ranging from cooking to managing finances, the lockdown has curtailed its programme but given it a new role in helping the wider community.

“We are already involved with more than 30 families and some of them are quite isolated anyway and don’t get out that much, including a lot of single mums, so we are maintaining contact with our regular families,” support worker Simeon Ewing said. “Some of them are stuck at home with the kids, or with partners who wouldn’t normally be at home for that length of time, so there are implications for their mental health.

“In the first week, there was almost a novelty about the situation, but with every passing week there is a sense that people are struggling a bit more.”

The charity is now helping with shopping and delivering meals for those who are self-isolating and even stands ready to help with things like home repairs if needed.

Anyone in Hilton who is in need of support or can offer help can contact Mr Ewing on or call 07842 306 625.