Grace Naulls shares spring gratitude…..

by | Apr 15, 2020 | People

Grace Naulls shares this lovely, lovely piece of her writing for me to read at Monday’s Rhymes Recollected on-line. Just wanted to give you a wee preview here:

Standing inside, looking out-my soul stirs at the signs of new life-

Since autumn the garden has appeared dead – brown, dreary, silent- now I see bulbs peaking through the soil, lush green buds appearing on dull branches and birds looking for a safe place to make a home…


The air smells different, the days are longer and the yearning for spring and summer is almost over- the yearning for that first grass cut of the season which heralds warmth, light, growth is here…

Growth of flowers and plants- filled borders and varied scents…some strong , some subtle-

Insects busy -bees seeking out pollen and fleeting from flower head to flower head- caterpillers emerging as beautiful butterflies-

The work is hard, physical, tiring but now as I sit and sip my cuppa-I have time to enjoy the beauty that surrounds me and I am so very grateful….