4th week in Lockdown: a poem by Margaret Johnston

by | Apr 21, 2020 | News and reports

Here’s a new poem by Margaret Johnston, which she wrote for yesterday’s  Rhymes Recollected:

I’m glad the lock-down’s not affecting me,
my life’s going on as my life has been
I’m dusting the floors and hoovering the wall
and answering the door every telephone call.
I’m so glad the lockdowns not affecting me.

I’m relieved the lock-downs not bothering me,
the washings in the oven at 200 degrees
the chicken is spinning in the washing machine,
yes I’m relieved the lock-downs not bothering me.

Now Bob has been missing, for a few days,
I’m beginning to get worried I really must say,
into my head – a terrible dread, Was he still in it
when I locked up the shed ?
I’m so thankful the lock-downs not affecting me.
Now the day is done and the evening draws in
Bob and I sit together by the refuse bin.
We’ve discussed it well and and despite all  the fuss
The lock-down really hasn’t affected us.