Stay home, keep safe, keep smiling: a poem by Margaret Johnston

by | Mar 29, 2020 | News and reports

Here’s an ultimately uplifting poem from Margaret Johnston who regularly shares her work at the fortnightly ‘Rhymes Recollected.’  The photo is from the BBC.


What’s happened to our world, just where has it gone?

Yes- we still have our sunsets – we still have our dawns,

but our world as we knew it is now in the past,

Oh how has it happened – and happened so fast.


What’s happened to our world, where has it gone,


We all had such freedom to wander and roam

now its orders by law – we must all stay at home

our weeks were so full whether retired or not

the freedom our forefathers 2 wars they had fought.


Oh what’s happened to our world – where has it gone.


But this enemy is silent – not a sound is heard

and it spreads through the nations like the flight of a bird

Although we’re stuck in – we won’t let it win

we’ll use emails and Whatsapp and an occasional gin !

Not for me I must add and maybe that’s bad

But a good cup of tea stops me being sad.


Oh what’s happened to our world – where has it gone.


So keep your chin up and eat plenty of treats,

Just remember by Christmas we’ll be back out in the streets. !! !!!


Margaret Johnston

March 2020.