Share your blessings: an invitation from John

by | Mar 24, 2020 | News and reports

spoken Share your blessings: an invitation from John

It was lovely to read Phil’s encouraging reflection on Psalm 130 on Facebook and the Blog today, and to listen to Duncan’s discussion on Sunday of Psalm 46 and of the principle of Shalom. Duncan reminded us of the value of entering into these ancient words which have sustained people down the generations since they were first written or spoken. When we are able, with God’s help, to make these words our own, we release their power in our lives, which is the power of God’s Spirit.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, everyone, on passages of scripture, or poems, music, paintings, photographs which are helping you cope in the scary and extraordinary circumstances we are all facing. Why not private message me on Facebook or email me at : tell me what you are finding spiritually nourishing and uplifting and I will share it on Facebook and the Blog.

I know that some of us are struggling just now with anxiety about the current situation, some of us living on our own find the loneliness of isolation hard to take, particularly if we have already been struggling with sadness. You may have read what I’ve written above, and feel you have no messages of encouragement to share. That’s OK. Just make sure you reach out; do not try to bear the burden alone. Email someone; give a friend a ring. When written words can’t comfort us, it is often in the tone of voice or the spoken words of someone who cares that we find the comfort of God reaching out to us.