Prayer points for the coming week

by | Feb 15, 2020 | Prayer points

Here are the prayer points for week beginning 16th February:

Weekly Prayer Points

Messy Church (23/2)

Give thanks for all who have been attending Messy Church regularly and hearing of the good news that Jesus offers us.

Pray for the leaders who are busy preparing for Messy next week, that they will be inspired and energised as they get ready to share their faith with the community

Pray for the families who come, that they will be encouraged and challenged by the activities and teaching and drawn into a relationship with God

 The sick

Pray for all those who are unwell, undergoing medical treatments or surgery at the moment, that they have quick recoveries and that any pain experienced is short-lived

Pray especially for those caught up in the Coronavirus outbreak, who are in quarantined isolation, who are scared and lonely and unsure of what the future might hold

 Eastern Africa

Pray for the people of Kenya, Somalia and Ethiopia where heavy rains in October & November have led to swarms of locusts which have annihilated their crops and destroyed farmers livelihoods

Pray for Uganda where floods are washing away homes and families and destroying all that they had built up and developed for themselves