Lent 2020 at the Light House

by | Feb 25, 2020 | Events

 For the Sundays in Lent beginning Sunday coming (1st March)  we will be sharing together at 6.30pm in the Light House in a short series called Opening the Scriptures – setting our hearts on fire

On Sunday, the theme will be The Fire and the Name (Exodus chapter 3, verses 1-15)

Full details can be found here.

The course is published by Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, who write:

Opening the scriptures: setting our hearts on fire

What biblical text sets your heart on fire?

This question is central to our Lent course for 2020.

This phrase is drawn from one of the most evocative and treasured New Testament episodes – the account of a mysterious stranger who meets two people journeying on the road to Emmaus, whose identity is eventually revealed as the three of them break bread together (Luke 24:13-38). After the realisation dawns that their fellow traveller was none other than Jesus himself, the two disciples say to each other: ‘Were not our hearts burning within us…’

Taking this biblical story as its starting point, the course invites us to ‘open the scriptures’ and read them with both our hearts and our heads.

We are grateful to Dr Clare Amos for writing the study.