Into our Arms: Ian Whyte’s new picture displayed at Hilton Church

by | Feb 19, 2020 | News and reports


On Sunday, a new painting, entitled Into our arms was hung among the banners on the walls of Hilton Church. The artist, Ian Whyte chatted to Duncan about his passion for painting and figurative art. 

 Ian’s commitment to painting is in a way a ‘second career’, since he only found time to devote to art after his retirement at the age of 60 from a career in eye surgery. Yet it’s more true to describe art as Iain’s authentic and original passion. The expectation of others that he would enter a conventional career path led to his working life in medicine. But in his heart he was always drawn not so much to fixing  people’s physical sight, as  to open their eyes to new things through arresting canvases. He has, he tells us, a natural ability to portray people’s faces and eyes vividly and memorably.

 Now he shares a studio with Dot Walker at Inverness Creative Academy in the old Midmills College Building. He speaks about Dot’s kindness and encouragement, telling us that ‘she puts a smile on his face each time I start to work.’

Ian is passionate about the need for human beings to come together, relating with genuine empathy and this shows in his work. Currently he is much concerned about the fate of Syrian refugees – his painting reflects his compassion towards them, and an openness and welcome.

 Ian spoke briefly about the new painting displayed in the church. He doesn’t like to say too much about how  we might interpret it. ‘The context in which you see a work shapes your interpetation,’ he says. ‘Seeing this in a church, might lead you to “read” it in a particular way.’

It’s great to see Ian find such pleasure and fulfilment in art. He will be arranging further exhibitions of his work in the coming months, and would be happy to show anyone interested around his studio by prior arrangement.