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By faith, through Christ, by grace: a report of Duncan’s sermon on Sunday
Saint Paul

What does it mean to ‘belong’ to the church?  That was Duncan’s theme this morning as we explored some of St Paul’s writings to the Galatian Christians. But he began by talking about adverts – on-line and in the press. He often comes across ads featuring ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures. The ‘before’ picture shows someone before they use the toothpaste, or engage with the diet, or have the Botox treatment; the ‘after’ picture

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Effective Listening Course
Listen well

'Effective listening' course, delivered by Listen Well Scotland on 15th/16th June. Click here for full details and Application form.

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Book group news from Shona
Book Group

We had a lovely evening at Angela's on Thursday night. Lots of lovely cakes, tea and coffee and the craic was great! We discussed Three Strong women and those of us who read it agreed that it was a hard read with lots of symbolism that was difficult to understand. We enjoyed the style of writing and descriptions of the characters. It got 3/5. Major Pettigrew’s last stand was read by more people and was enjoyed by all. It was an easy read with a

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