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Orla’s dedication
orla 1

This morning Orla Ethel was dedicated, in the presence of her mum and dad, Stuart and Elna, and her wee sister Iona, and lots of family and friends. Duncan said that dedicating children had a solid biblical basis. Hannah dedicated young Samuel to God: ‘So now I give him to the LORD. For his whole life he shall be given over to the LORD.’ (1 Samuel 1:28) Mary and Joseph dedicated the young Jesus in the Temple at Jerusalem, entrusting the child’s

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Living hospitably: report of Duncan’s sermon this morning

Over the next four Sunday evenings, during Lent, we’re to be working through The Possible World Course, which looks at how Jesus challenges us to live out the values of God’s kingdom in our everyday lives. As we do this, our lives will challenge some contemporary ways of thinking and living. We’ll be looking at Consumer Culture (5th March), The Environment (12th March), Human Suffering (19th March) and Injustice (26th March.) All these evening

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Songs we sang at church today

Let us build a house where love can dwell I cast my mind to Calvary King of Kings, Majesty Do you not know, have you not heard (A lovely kids song, but I can’t find it on Youtube) O perfect love, o perfect sacrifice When I survey

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