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Book Group report from Shona
Book Group

We resumed Bookgroup last Thursday after our summer break,  at Angela's house. There were six of us there and it was lovely to catch up on all the news. We discussed the books we had chosen last time. All the light we cannot see was really enjoyed by everyone. We liked the characters, the setting, the information about life during the war and the insight into how difficult it was for so many German boys in the Hitler Youth Camps. It got 4.5  out

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House Group Questions on Luke 11:2-4

Over the last three weeks, we’ve been thinking about the Lord’s Prayer in the Sunday services.  Here are some questions to get you discussing the Prayer, and the sermon’s we’ve heard. As always, choose the ones you feel are appropriate for your group. How important a place does the Lord’s Prayer have in your lives? Does knowing that God is your Father affect the way you live your life? If so, in what ways? How will believing that we are

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Dissolving our guilt
Forgiveness glasses

It’s often helpful to take part in a physical activity which reflects some inner, spiritual intention – that’s why there is great power in ritual; that’s why Jesus asked us to break bread and drink wine as a reminder of his death for us. In some way the outer action doesn’t simply reflect the inner intention, but also contributes to us. Taking the bread and wine conscious of its significance somehow opens up our hearts to the living bread

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Wind and Spirit Tour
Latin Link

Latin Link At the Service this morning, we’d a visit from four folk involved in the Latin Link’s ‘Wind & Spirit’ tour of the Great Glen.  Some time ago, we had a visit from Latin Link’s Scottish Co-ordinator Martin Haworth, who told us about the work of this Mission in the Latin American countries. On Friday, a group of 12 people who have been involved with Latin Link as ‘Steppers’  (short term workers) or ‘Striders’ (longer-term

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Forgiven and forgiving: a personal view from John
John at Scone2

A big subject, forgiveness! I’m just trying to process the thoughts which have gone through my mind as we’ve reflected on it today. I love Fiona’s reminder that at the heart of God’s forgiveness is the Father’s longing for us to be in relationship with him. Sometimes we focus on particular ‘sins’ in our lives, but the fundamental problem is that we are not at one with God.  We live as though we were the centre of our own universe,

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The Lord’s prayer 3: Forgiven and forgiving – a sermon from Fiona

This morning Fiona Waite gave the third talk in the series on the Lord’s Prayer, focusing on the verse ‘Forgive us our sins, for we also forgive everyone who sins.’ (Luke 11:4) Our need to receive forgiveness She began by reminding us that in giving us these words immediately after the sentence in which we ask God to provide our daily bread, Jesus was implying that just as our body needs bread, so our soul hungers for forgiveness. Jesus wants

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God our Father – and other thoughts from John on this morning’s sermon

Lots of things to think about in today’s sermon. I think the thing which struck me most was the reminder that God (transcendent mystery though God is) comes to us in tenderness and strength as ‘Father.’ (Though I acknowledged last week that some of us find it hard to see God as ‘Father’ so disturbing have been our own experience of fathers.)  There is a wholeness and joy to be found in glimpsing that we are loved and cherished – and

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The Lord’s prayer 2: ‘Our daily bread’ – sermon from Duncan

Duncan read these verses from John 6 at the beginning of the service: 32 Jesus said to them, ‘Very truly I tell you, it is not Moses who has given you the bread from heaven, but it is my Father who gives you the true bread from heaven. 33 For the bread of God is the bread that comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.’ Duncan was preaching this morning, in the second of our series on the Lord’s Prayer. He began by summarizing the

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Prayer – a very personal reflection from John
John at Scone

A reflection from John on prayer For many years, I felt I was rubbish at praying. I read books about prayer which spoke of experiences in prayer, and answers to prayer which lay forever beyond my reach.  There were times when there was a stillness in my deepest self from which words seemed to rise with confidence that they were being heard, but most of the time the words of my prayers were driven by my head, not welling up in my heart, and I despaired.

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The Lord’s Prayer 1 Sermon from Jonathan

Today, we began a series focusing on the Lord’s Prayer. Jonathan was the preacher – he gave us an introduction to the Prayer, and a detailed look at the first clause of the Prayer as Luke records it. Here’s a wee report on Jonathan’s talk. Words in italics, other than the Bible passage, are John’s thoughts on what Jonathan said. 2 [Jesus] said to them, “When you pray, say: “‘Father, hallowed be your name, your kingdom come. 3 Give

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