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When tragedy comes: reflection from John on this morning’s sermon
John at Scone

Thoughts from John Thanks for this sermon, Donald. Job is a difficult book to preach on! I suspect that some of us still have the suspicion that bad things are a sign that we have in some way offended God, and so it’s important to affirm, as Donald did, that God loves us with a deep, unwavering love – a love which in the words of the Chaplain Donald quoted, walks with us through our valleys of sorrow. We often speak about ‘Job’s comforters’

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Bible reading for tomorrow’s service

We’re still reflecting on the life of Job. In the aftermath of the disasters we read about last week, Job is afflicted by painful sores. (see ch 2) He expresses his anguish; friends Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar try to comfort him, but bring words which can’t plumb the depths of his pain. Reading the verses below I think there are two lessons. One, there will be times when we feel desolate and abandoned by God. Job gives as permission to express

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Keeping faith in times of anguish

A personal reflection from John on Job 1:1-22 I really appreciated David’s sermon this morning. There are parts of Job chapter one which are quite disturbing – notably the suggestion that God somehow makes a wager with the Accuser over Job’s response to suffering. I don’t think this helps us discern an answer as we struggle to understand why suffering happens. I passionately believe with David that God holds us safe, wrapped in God’s everlasting

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