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Footsteps on a faith journey

Footsteps from a faith journey. Four quotations from One Yellow Door, by Rebecca de Saintonge, a moving memoir in which she describes her journey through darkness as her husband endures, with great grace, an incurable dementia (Lewy Body Dementia) which gradually destroys the mind while often not obliterating the sense of identity. Some of these readings seen particularly relevant for Good Friday. One About an encounter with God after she met Jack,

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Palm Sunday extroverts and introverts

And the other thought was this. One passage, the crowds shouting out to Jesus on the streets of Jerusalem. (Mark 11:1-11); the other, the woman, part of a small group, with a personal focus on Jesus. (Marl 14:3-9)  Which group would I be happier in?  Definitely in the small group, face to face with Jesus, engaging with Jesus. The reason I say that with confidence, is my personality tends towards introversion, rather than extroversion. Extroverts

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This Sunday at 6pm – Journey into Tasting

Don't forget this Sunday brings the last of the Lent series 'Sense Making Faith.' The theme on Sunday (at 6pm) is 'Journey into Tasting.' All welcome!

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