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Open to God’s grace: report and reflection on this morning’s sermon
Donald preaching

A report and reflection on Donald MccQuarrie’s sermon this morning on Mark 6:1-29 (the sections in italic are John’s thoughts) ‘There’s a lot in these verses,’ Donald began, noting the three sections the passage is divided into: (a) Jesus returns to his home town, Nazareth (vv1-6); (b) Jesus sends his disciples off to share the news of the kingdom of God as they have seen him doing (vv6-13); (c) John the Baptist suffers the consequences

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The wind blows…….

The sky dark at 10am this morning, the rain battering down, and the wind – what a wind! We’re perhaps a little alarmed by its strength, and yet, compared with the power of God, this morning’s mastering storm was as one grain of sand among all the grains of sand on all the beaches of a thousand billion worlds like ours. This is the God who comes gently, and wells up from a deep place in us. So gentle, that we might consider God tame and biddable.

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Connecting with Jesus – a thought from tomorrow’s Bible passage

Connecting with Jesus - a thought from John about tomorrow's Bible story Many people were jostling Jesus as he made his way through the crowd. No doubt some of them had health problems or other issues which Jesus could have helped with. But one woman, in desperation, touches him, seeking in that touch to connect with the person she is convinced can heal her. And immediately she is well. My thought this morning is simply this: many of us jostle Jesus:

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