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Messy Christmas! Morag’s photos from yesterday’s Messy Church

Some lovely photos from Morag Macritchie showing the fun everyone had at yeaterday's Messy Church!

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News from Stephen Hutchison in India (5)

I am writing this as we fly at 30000 ft over India, from Vishakhapatnam to Mumbai. We bade farewell to our local hosts in Vishakapatnam this morning after a look round the anaesthetists department of one of the hospitals. We were then taken to the airport where we became the guests of Air India for a few hours. They don't get good press and aspects of their service have been criticised. I have no life jacket but I doubt if having one would do me

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Remembering forgotten things – Report on Jonathan’s sermon this morning
word and sacrament

The story of King Josiah is a remarkable one, said Jonathan in his challenging sermon on today’s passages (2 Kings 22:1-0; 23:1-3, Luke 24:30-32) A committed young person Josiah became king of the southern kingdom (Judah) when he was just eight years old. His father and grandfather had turned away from God, and yet from the age of 16 (as we read in 2 Chronicles 34:3 [I am assuming that the reference there to his ‘twelfth year’ is to the twelfth

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Music team this morning: Mhairi and Peter

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Baptism of Ruaraidh Duncan: ‘The water of meaning’

This morning Duncan bapised young Ruaraidh Duncan. Here he is is with mum and dad Sandra and Calum! And here's the lovely Gaelic Baptismal blessing from Carmina Gadelica which dad Calum read at Ruaraidh's baptism. (English translation below - I love that phrase  'the water of meaning') AM BEANNACHADH BAISTIDH Thi, tha comhnadh nan ard Tiur do bheannachd 'na thrath, Cuimhnich-s' leanabh mo chri, An Ainm Athar na sith; Trath chuireas sagart an Righ

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News from Stephen Hutchison in India (4)

News from Stephen. He and his colleague have had a final day teaching at Vishakapatnam. From tomorrow until Saturday they are on holiday in Kerala: We're in the middle of our last day of teaching. It is a conference for anaesthetists. Tomorrow we are on HOLIDAY! I'm feeling a bit dodgy again but we had the inevitable spicy curry again last night - no getting away from curry! But overall I am feeling a lot better than I was. The intensity of the teaching

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Artysans at the Light House in the local press

Artysans at the Light House! Some familiar faces in the Highland News and Courier! Press coverage of the new cafe

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Book Group report from Shona
Book Group

Just to say we met on Thursday night at Angela MacLeods and as per usual had a lovely evening. We discussed the books and for the first time ever both books got 5/5!! We thought that I let you go was an excellent suspense thriller that kept you gripped to the end. Some folk could not sleep after they had read it. Pay it forward  is personally one of the best books I've ever read! I thought the concept was inspiring and I really liked all the different

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Owning and telling our stories

Some of you may enjoy this clip which Duncan sent me of a woman called Brene Brown. (To watch the whole clip you'll need to sign up for a free trial, but it's easy and you don't need to enter credit card details.) Brene talks, not from a specifically Christian perspective about the power of owning and telling our own stories. Interesting to think how this interfaces with telling and living the Christ Story (see earlier post about Josiah) A couple

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Rory at Whistler

Duncan sends this picture of Rory, currently studying in Vancouver. Here he's enjoying the ski-slopes at Whister, a ski resort in the Coast Mountains, two hours north of the city. Enjoy, Rory!  

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