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Brian: news from Seoul (9)
Brian andco2

News from Brian Irvine ‘I have been able relax a little with the Chuseok [late autumn holiday] weekend here in Korea. The picture shows Aaron Tredway (now returned to USA); the club chaplain; Younggwang Kim, the team goalkeeper; and me. Good sermon at Seoul international Baptist Church yesterday on prayer and making ourselves available to pray in the Lord’s will effectively. This week: training each day, reserve game on Wednesday and 1st team

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We welcome Simeon

A welcome this morning to Simeon Ewing, the church's newly-appointed children's worker, whom Jonathan introduced to us at the service. Jonathan asked him if he could sum up in one sentence what his message to the children will be. Simeon said he would tell them 'That God loves you very very much and wants to know you and have a relationship with you.' We'll hear much more about (and from) Simeon in the weeks ahead.  

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The story our scars tell: powerful sermon from Jonathan in finding blessing in the place of vulnerability

A personal report on Jonathan’s sermon this morning. When I read the passage for this morning (Genesis 32:22-30) I wondered what this ancient story about Jacob wrestling with God had to say to us today. What does it mean for God to ‘wrestle’ with us? What are we take from the fact that ‘the man’ (ie God) ‘could not overpower’ Jacob? But Jonathan took this story, and drew lessons from it which speak to each one of us, and also in the

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El Gruer: people’s poet, God’s poet
El Gruer2

El Gruer (left - with her husband Steve) is a Christian performance poet who formerly lived near Inverness, but now lives in the south of England. She’s become a regular at the Greenbelt Christian Arts Festival. Duncan has know her since she was very young, and regularly catches up with her at Greenbelt. Here’s Greenbelt’s take on El: “Originally from the Scottish Highlands, El is a poet who is not afraid to excavate the human heart. This

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Where children sleep: the campaign against child trafficking
Tearfund Where Children Sleep Tour banner

Trafficking is the fastest growing crime in the world. It shatters the lives of 1.2 million children every year, along with their families. Tomorrow evening, Culduthel Christian Centre is hosting an event by Tearfund called 'Where Children Sleep', raising awareness about the 'No Child Taken' campaign against child trafficking. Sunday 27th Sept between 6-8pm. Entry is free but places do need to be booked since there are limited spaces. There are still

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God-wrestling: Bible passages for tomorrow

Wrestling with God: Bible passages for tomorrow's service But first, a comment from El Gruer which I read this week which can helpfully be read in conjunction with this ancient story: I believe in the power of brokenness. When we cry out, God meets us. I see so much brokenness in our nation and I want to vocalise it, to give people an avenue into seeing their need, but [also] to point to them the one that is whole... [The moment of] re-focusing our

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Brian: news from Seoul (8)
Brian hed

Brian Irvine’s week so far! Sunday: The service at Seoul International Baptist Church was really challenging with such a powerful message: ‘Don`t blame-shift.’ We must take responsibility for our decisions and choices, both right and wrong. We are too quick to point the finger and blame others, blame satan, and also blame God. Trials and tribulations are part of our human experience and part of our growing in faith. As I say a very challenging

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Welcome to Simeon, the Church’s new Children’s Worker

Welcome to Simeon (and Asia and the girls) We heard on Sunday that Simeon Ewing has been appointed to the post of Childrem’s Worker in Hilton Church. Simeon comes from Dingwall, where he was a pupil at Dingwall Academy. For the last nine years he has been working with children in the Ukraine, most recently with Children’s Ministry Ukraine which has as its aim ‘Fostering, church work, kids camps and other fun and games in Rzhyshchiv, rural Ukraine.’

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Brian: news from Seoul (7)
Brian and Aaron

News from Brian in Seoul Friday morning: Got download of 'God’s not dead' from club chaplain which I've just watched before we left this morning, great message and film. Saturday: heading to training and then under 15 trials in Seoul this afternoon. Staying with Martin Rennie [the chief coach/manager] in Seoul tonight Sunday: Church at Seoul International Baptist. 1st team game at home against Sangju Sangmu in the afternoon. Sunday evening: Good

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The God who meets us in the ordinary: report on this morning’s service

Loved Duncan’s sermon this morning. It was on a 3000-year-old story – the story of Abraham and Sarah welcoming three mysterious guests and discovering that Sarah, despite her age and apparent infertility is to bear a child.  And yet it’s a story which resonates with 21st century Scots whatever our age or stage in life. The same loving God seeks each of us out as we go about our everyday lives. And whoever we are, we may already have heard

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