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A walk in the woods

Iain Macritchie, who is well-known to us in Hilton Church has written the following very fine poem. As with all works of art it gives to each of us according to what we bring to it. I love Iain’s use of language and imagery in these lines, the warm compassion which permeates the poem and the reassurance it offers. The last few lines are, to me, simply breathtaking. This is a poem which, once read, will remain with you. I’m so grateful to Iain

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Stay Safe Advice at Wednesday’s afternoon tea

Donald shares some photos taken on Wednesday, which was the last Afternoon Tea until September 23rd. A lady from Stay Safe Highland gave a very interesting talk on the Home Safety Checker, Staying Steady and other helpful themes and was greatly appreciated.                  Everyone enjoying the afternoon tea                 Margaret Lamont welcome the speaker       Bob Johnson

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Take time to saunter!

Rosie emailed this afternoon to tell me that today (19th June) is World Sauntering Day. ‘Take it easy; relax, go for a stroll and enjoy some valuable ‘me time’; it’s a day which encourages you to slow down and enjoy the world around you’ says one of the web sites. Another defines sauntering as walking slowly ‘preferably with a joyful disposition.’ I like it – a reminder of the need not always to be rushing, not so to fling ourselves

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