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Easter Messy Church

Last Sunday afternoon we enjoyed an 'Easter' themed Messy Church. It was great to see lots of families coming along and having fun with the activities. We had bubbles, planting, paint blowing, Easter card making, weaving and more. Philip gave a talk on the 'Real meaning of Easter' using lots of tricks with string to illustrate his story. We then shared in a delicious meal of baked potatoes and baking. Here are a few pictures ...

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A picture for Maundy Thursday….

Jesus washes the disciples feet. (John 13:1-17) Today, may we recognise that Jesus is willing to 'wash our feet', ministering to our need of cleansing and wholeness; may we humbly and thankfully submit to his ministry (however this may come to us); may we, blessed in this way, be inspired to bless others. May our hands be the hands of Jesus serving those we meet. May our compassion be the compassion of Jesus. Jesus was in the shadow of great impending

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